Features - Overview

WPSchoolPress is not just a basic plugin to handle database of students, teachers and parents. It has been backed and enhaced with multiple add-ons to make it a feature rich and one stop solution for all School Management needs.


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WPSchoolPress Plugin Features

WPSchoolPress is packed with features to help you run your school’s day to day management with ease.


Teachers can daily upload and keep record of student's attendance of each class and can add reason for absence of each student.. Admin and teachers can view classwise attendance history of any student. Parents can see their child's attendance history.

Grade Book

Teachers can schedule subjectwise class tests/ exams as well as can add grades/marks per exam for every student. Students and parents can see subjectwise grades/marks. With the use of Import-Export add-on, Teacher can import .csv file with student’s grades/marks for faster uploads of marks of long list of students.Students and Parents will be able to print grade/mark sheet.

Class Rooms and Subjects

Allocation of classes and subject wise teachers to those classes can be easily done. It will be easy to figure out which teacher takes what subject and in which class. Easy to manage staff of teachers as there is a transparency.

Calendar, Exam Schedule, and Events

Admin can create schedule of subjectwise upcoming exams for each class, school events, emergency announcements, holiday information, picnic plans, etc. which teachers, parents and students can see on their dashboards whenever they login to their web portals. These notifications can be sent through e-mails to the entire school.

Online Fees Payment

Admin can add student fees information and status for an individual student or for an entire class. Parents can pay full or partial fees online and receive an invoice in email. We currently integrate with Paytm (for India) and PayPal Standard (for other countries). Send due fees alerts to parents. Administrator can see entire school's payment history.


Email notifications can be sent to all students, teachers and parents or a particular group to notify about any emergency holidays or upcoming events or any other activity's information. Email notifications can also be used to deliver newsletters and updates of school activities to students.


WPSchoolPress offers bulk data upload using import csv functionality. This data can be of classwise students/parents/teachers list, attendance history, fees payment history as well as student's gradesheets. Admin can also check import history and delete accidental file uploads.


Schools can add transport related information such as Public Transport bus number, tram or School Private transport routes and driver details can be provided for students, parents and teachers.

Responsive Design

All pages of WPSchoolPress are responsive to any type of device that you use. Plugin pages will resize based on the device such as iPhone and Android phones, tablets and laptops.


Admin can send Instant SMS to parents regarding child’s performance in school activities. Schools need to have an active account with balance with either SMSLane (for India) or Twilio (for other countries) to use SMS notification feature. Schools can manage their notification preferences under settings.

Developer Friendly

WPSchoolPress is completely customizable Plugin. If you like to add more features, reach out to us and we will provide a quote for customization. If you are a developer, you will find it easy to edit core code of the Plugin.

Easy Install

Quick and Easy to install it's setup. WPSchoolPress can be installed just like any other Plugin in WordPress website with only few clicks to install and set up. The System can be made functional within few mins.

Free Download

WPSchoolPress is free to use FOREVER. Download your free plugin now!